DAniel BrAck

Daniel is co-founder of Titan Fitness Algarve. He has a Bachelor of Science in Strength and Conditioning and is a certified sports and exercise nutritionist and personal trainer. He was originally trained as an airline pilot but switched careers to pursue his passion for training and helping people improve their health, performance and wellbeing. He has since been coaching for just under 10 years and has helped a variety of people from those looking to drop body fat to get in shape for summer, improve their strength and fitness, to those with disabilities, and right through to preparing athletes, bodybuilders and fitness models for competition/events. Daniel has been trained in:

• Strength, conditioning and nutrition for sports performance

• Advanced training and nutrition for muscle hypertrophy

• Sports and exercise psychology

• Strength and conditioning for tactical athletes (military, first responders, etc.)

• Functional movement screening and corrective exercise program design

• Endurance development

• Speed development

• Human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics

• Long-term athletic development

• Fitness testing

• Olympic weightlifting

• Coaching skills

• Training and nutrition for injuries and rehabilitation

• Training and nutrition for special populations (elderly, disabled, extreme weather, etc.)

• Strength and conditioning for youth

• Training and nutrition for health and wellness


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